Wednesday, October 3, 2007


It's only taken me over a month, but the food blog is finally up and running! No matter about the late start, though, since the intent of this blog was not to have a methodical, day-by-day record of everything I consume. I hope to share some of the culinary highlights and discoveries of my time here in Florence in the form of a food-focused travel journal rather than a gastronomical log. I may organize the first few posts thematically by food type and then progress to writing a few times a week about specific dishes. Naturally, pictures will accompany the writing, and I will try to procure some of the recipes for the wonderful home cooked meals made by my host mother, Linda. Now, with all that said, let the blogging commence!


joeydee said...

Emma, I sat next to your Mom at a boring legal seminar in Houston yesterday. She gave me your blog site, so I thought I'd contact you. My daughter recently spent the spring semester (affiliated with Texas A&M)in Italy at Castiglione Fiorentino. We visited and stayed at a lovely hotel just a few yards from the famous Frances Mayes villa. We met Ed, but didn't run into Frances. Loved the book, hated the movie. My daughter's favorite place to visit was Cinque Terra. I think your Mom mentioned she was coming to visit at Thanksgiving? maybe it was Christmas. Anyway, enjoy your time there. We hope to get back sometime soon. Joe Deming

Emma said...

Hi Joe,

Thanks for checking out the blog! I'm always looking for new readers.

The Cinque Terre is indeed a lovely area. I didn't end up making it there while it was still warm, but I had the chance to go a few years ago.

My mom and dad will be coming in for a few days in December, in fact, before we head to Morocco for a Christmas vacation.

Anyway, thanks again for the interest!

- Emma

Amanda said...

I love seeing these shots of Florence. I am trying to decide between Rome & Florence for my study abroad program so reading your posts is interesting. Not to mention looking at all the food is fun too.

Anonymous said...
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